Emirsoy Holding corporate group, having a Maritime history of about 30 years, has intensified its knowledge and experiences in this regard on the activities of the Konvoy Maritime company established in 1998. The self-esteemed, dedicated and disciplined works of the company on its own ships, has gradually given a rise to the technical operation service demands by European ship owners, with whom it established commercial relations, for their own ships.
Following this process, Konvoy Maritime continued its phase of growth and institutionalized its cadres having a conscience of working in harmony with the experienced and multi-national maritime personnel consisting of Ship Mechanical Engineers, Ship Building Engineers, Ship Masters and Operators. Relationships starting with the technical operation service have gradually improved till project-based partnerships. Its partnership with the Italian - Bogazzi (BNAVI) company, which is one of the leading partnerships, still continues and it had another ship-based project partnership in the previous years with the Danish Nordana company in the Heavy lift transportation. Besides, it has also provided technical operation services to the ships of Norwegian, Swiss and Italian ship owners at various tonnages.
Konvoy Maritime, continuing the technical operation services it supplies without making any discrimination between its own ships and the ships of foreign ship owners under its technical operation, has been a first in the sector in this regard. The company, providing employment in the sector with its land and sea cadres for approximately 250 people, has its headquarter in Izmir and branch offices in Istanbul and Antalya. Konvoy Maritime, being one of the two companies which are Turkish members of International Maritime Employers’ Committee (IMEC) with its awareness of all the precision and sensitivity of operating ships in international waters, has realized many social responsibility projects in the fields of sports and education in Izmir where it continues its activities.

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