KONVOY MARITIME LTD. is a ship management company, whose business is management of vessels trading worldwide in transportation of products in dry bulk, in general cargo, goods, vehicles, containers, project cargoes or similar lawful merchandise, by vessels under their Management or under Charter.

Organizational structure

The Company’s organization is based on the following departments:

  • Technical Department
  • Safety & Quality (SMS)
  • Purchasing
  • Operations Department
  • Insurance
  • Chartering Department
  • Post fixture
  • Crewing Department
  • Ticketing
  • Finance, Accounts Department
  • Management accounts
  • Administration, Secretary

The above Departments are headed by a Head of Departments, General Manager, and supervised by the Managing Directors or other top management representative.


Konvoy Maritime Company Policy;

Our company, conscious of own responsibilities in the shipping sector, pledges it’s commitment to safety and enviromental protection. Our Company, establishes that all operations to be carried out by it’s own personel, both ashore and on board, will emphasise it’s commitment to the following objectives;

1)To prevent physical injury and loss of human life.

2)To protect the environment, in particular the marine one.

3)To maintain the technical and opeationla efficiency of the vessles at the highest possible level.

4)To protect the vessel and crew against all illegal practices

5)To operate the vessels and transport the cargo safely and efficiently

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